April 5, 2012 – Love Home Shift River Corner

MOON enters “relationship-restructureville” Libra early this morning at 8:32 am pdt. Airy social Libra MOON TRINES VENUS in Gemini at 11:41 am making it a Diving Feminine morning of nourishing the feminine spirit.

MOON OPPOSES URANUS in Aries at 4:54 pm pdt, (part of the old Cardinal Cross of 2010-2012) – Changing us. Our home may be changing in shocking ways. This may be inner home, inner core, actual home, or some other home feeling, radically changing. Co-dependent tendencies are asked to dissolve in the self-sufficient self-fulfilled Uranus in Aries atmosphere.

VENUS in communicator Gemini SQUARES NEPTUNE at 6:51 pm pdt, little human feminine (Venus) in potentially overwhelming or vast conversations with Big Divine Feminine Waters (Neptune) in super-sensitive Pisces. Waves of love are coming in, stirring up old pieces of depth for clearing, related to feminine expression.

MOON SQUARES PLUTO at 11:51 pm pdt, reminding us we’re still in a Big Shift in the realms of personal economy, partnership, social circles and all relationship qualities. We’re transforming before our own and each others eyes–late tonight and into dreamtime!

May the source of beauty be with you on this journey!


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