January 26, 2011 – Sweet Divine Feminine OpposIte Mars Retrograde!

SUN in Aries TRINES MOON in Leo at 1:11 am pdt (in our dreamtime). Masculine and Feminine are harmonized while sleeping. There is grace, beauty, and miracles are possible. If there has been a difficult relationship, today is a day when hearts may expand, enough to let more love in.

MOON SQUARES JUPITER (also pre-dawn) sending us off into a day of fiery emotional expansion of our passion, our creativity, our love and/or our self-leadership.  We are becoming our higher selves, day by day. This is a process of expanding and “awakening,” the heart. In this way, our hearts learn to feel more, to manage more energy, and to “see,” in their own way!  This is a glorious journey!

In these times, our mystical intuitive feeling heart is the key. The more gratitude we feel, the more the great mystery opens doors of unknown fulfillment to us. May we allow our heart’s th other women-divine to empower one-another, especially in the visionary Piscean realms of spiritual fulfillment and connection!

MOON OPPOSES MARS (FRESHLY RETROGRSDE) to retro for 3 months! Exact opposition is at 8:52 pm pst.  We are charged with our own inner fires. We can allow ourselves to have a shamanic process that “takes us through to the oother side,” of whatever we are facing.

Spirit Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Blessings ~ in Harmony and Balance.

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