March 31, 2012 – Boundaries, Rythms, non-verbal Communications, Love

MOON in homey Cancer TRINES MERCURY at 3:13 pm pdt. Water and air can nourish us this morning and afternoon.  This is a sweet aspect for communications, however in a “water style,” as Cancer and Pisces are sensitive and intuitive, feel deeply and communicate non-verbally–sometimes.  Ours souls can speak today, how might that be?

By 8:33 pm this evening, MOON SQUARES SATURN, in our relationship dance, masculine to feminine, Libra’s area, in its SATURN RETURN as SATURN RETROGRADES in our relationship restructureville Libra, now at the very end of Libra–a two year journey. This evening’s MOON SQUARE SATURN may have us reflecting, from a place of home, womb, our inner mama, and “where we are now,” on this path of love, after the last two years of restructuring, changing, endings, beginnings and restructuring. Where are we now?  What are our deeply met and deeply unmet needs?  How can we create a life with a partnership dance that brings balance, joy, harmony and creative outpourings of love into community?

MOON SEXTILES VENUS late tonight at 9:20 pm soothing our inner feminine womb spaces. (whether men or women, we have “wombs,” delicate sacred ‘inner spaces of creation.’)  This evening is an evening to celebrate our “inner wombspaces!”  Wherever we our in our cycles of love and cycles of creation, may we honor ourselves as creators in the dance of creation!

May our feet tap our dreams into the earth today as we dance rythms, boundaries, love and creation.

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