March 30, 2012 – Economic Shift – Resource Infusion

MOON is in Cardinal Cancer–the Mother water sign.  In the middle of the dreamtime, MOON SQUARED URANUS in God-fire-Aries. Also in our dreamtime, this homey MOON is SEXTILED by MARS (RETROGRADING) in Virgo.

MOON OPPOSES PLUTO in the late morning at 10:47 am pdt, for a personal economic revolution, catharsis or death and rebirth!

MOON SQUARE SUN at 12:41 pm pdt marks the shifting in the lunar cycle of JUSTICE, into the light waxing side of the cycle–the most powerful creative and expansive time in this cycle. JUSTICE is about balancing between masculine and feminine power, balancing between active and receptive, between dark and light, between listening to the divine and actively seeking an outcome.

MOON in water that nurtures new beginnings SEXTILES JUPITER in innocent earth at 5:41 pm pdt. Our evening is touched with down-to-earth sensuality that nurtures the body and soul.

Ahead–in tomorrow–there are some difficult rites of passage to walk through, especially in the morning to late morning. Following that, Sunday gifts us with a magical day for April Fools!

May we overcome the miniature separations that keep us from the united wisdom of our heart with authenticity and our JUSTICE-driven sword of truth!