March 29, 2012 – Creative Activation with Solar Catharsis

MOON in Mercurial Gemini SQUARES MERCURY RETROGRADE in Pisces this morning at 7:05 am pdt, giving us a communications mix up or work tension to overcome. MERCURY SEXTILES VENUS at 10:43 am pdt for an infusion of personal creative energy. If something is not working, refocus on something else, we may find what works and have a magical day!

MOON TRINE SATURN RETROGRADE at 11:05 am pdt. Relationship restructureville is at its final cycle before completing. Today’s air moon trine has us feeling and seeing where the work has been and where our relationship work is still ahead of us. MOON goes into the VOID between Gemini and Cancer. Entering Cancer at 4:07 pm pdt. A big chunk of today is a VOID of COURSE MOON day: from 11-4pm!!!

SUN SQUARES PLUTO at 12:55 pm pdt and our Solar masculine-side catharsis is peaking in its cauldron of soul-level change. What love, creative and active needs do we have in the world that have not yet been met?  We can examine our own deep soulful needs in life–attending to them with our imaginative intentions and authentic prayers. Our personal economy is in a stress-change corner point. It gets better. Time to be inventive and resourceful!

MOON TRINES NEPTUNE at 8:05 pm pdt, giving us the biggest infusion of GRACE, we’ve had all day long! MOON went back on course in Cancer at 4:07 pm, by 8pm there is grace, beauty, and internal peace available.

May our soulful calls for expression be met by our own creative imagination, stirring a magic spell made of heart’s musings, leaving twinkled intentions like “bread crumbs” to a healthy love-fulfilled future!