March 26, 2012 – Love and Connection within Deep Retrograde Waters

Note: Mercury is still Retrograde. (and) We’ve had “Technical Difficulties” with publishing this blog the last two days. We apologize to those who may have looked for it and not found it! Thank you for your patience while Mercury is Retrograde! MERCURY GOES DIRECT on April 4th in the wee hours at 3:11 am pdt. There is usually a three-week, rewind and re-adjustment period after any mercury retrograde period, which is 3 weeks.

Beautiful MOON VENUS is CONJUNCT in our sky–exact at 12:26 pm pdt. This maiden to mother connection is in Earthly Physical Taurus. We are touching, feeling, mating, seeding. gestating, flowering, dying and being reborn all at once inside the womb of our personal cauldron of heart-awakening, held by all the faces of the divine feminine, birthing us, now, into a new species.

MOON in Taurus SEXTILE MERCURY RETROGRADE¬† at 9:34 pm pdt (now in late Pisces having retrograded from Aries in its journey) for a slow oceanic shift that we can’t see clearly yet.

We are in the VOID until 3:43am pdt, when the MOON enters Gemini, in the middle of the dreamtime.

May our dreamtime be blessed with the prayers of the divine this night.

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