March 24, 2012 – Magical Zap Power

MOON is still in Aries early this morning until it OPPOSES SATURN in Libra as the last aspect before going into the VOID between Aries and Taurus for a few hours until 2:43 pm pdt. During this MOON VOID period, SUN CONJUNCTS URANUSĀ  at 11:20 am pdt, and we have lightning in our fingers, genius in our minds, and miracles are possible! Today is one of those rare cosmic gifts of magical potential!

MOON grounds into earthly Taurus at 2:43 pm pdt. From the field of the Bull, MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE in Pisces at 6:27 pm pdt, kissing our ocean of feeling with practical beauty.

MERCURY comes closest to earth, (perigree) tonight at 8:57 pm pdt. We have our magic wand, filled with Uranian magic from out of this world, in our fingertips tonight. We have wings, words, swords, instant manifestation and genius thinking today. What shall we create with all this potential?