March 23, 2012 – Gestating

MOON is in Spring Fire sign Aries, wombing the new dreams of our upcoming life expressions and experiences. This creation warmth bubbles inside us in an alchemical primal cauldron of creation.

Humanity, we hang in the middle of a human transformation cocoon. We cannot say, “the shift is coming”–we are rather–“in the middle” of our human transformation. What is dying is scared and vulnerable and what is being born is tender and emerging.

MERCURY RETROGRADE shifted into Pisces , early this morning. This adds more water to our already retrograde journey.

With no aspects today, the day feels spacious if we have a moment.

There is a mystical silence today, preceding the lightning power genius shock zap coming tomorrow, when SUN CONJUNCTS URANUS.

May the miracle power available tomorrow, rock our world with free energy, instant healing, and creative genius.