March 22, 2012 – NEW MOON of SPRING! ~ Equal NIGHT and DAY ~ JUSTICE

MOON enters the New Moon sign of Aries at 2:57 am pdt. Giving us fiesty newborn fire in the middle of our dreamtime pre-dawn. MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY (RETROGRADE) in Aries gives us a kiss of the trickster, also pre-dawn.

NEW MOON is at 7:37 am, pdt!!!!  This potent NEW MOON BIRTH POINT (just past the Spring Equinox–is 9 months before December 22, 2012.)  What we seed now, ripens in the time in which ancient lineages are saying, “We will BIRTH the NEW LIGHT ENERGY on EARTH.”

Just after this POWER NEW MOON of 2012, MARS in Virgo OPPOSES CHIRON in Pisces at 8:21 am pdt. MARS RETROGRADE reminds us of the pain and suffering of Wars of the past. CHIRON, wounded healer, alchemically “pushes our buttons,” exposing the raw nerves and openings to deep rivers of healing life force.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS in Aries–“You say you want a revolution, Yeah, well ya know,” . . . You tell me that its evolution, well ya know . . . We all wanna change the world today!” We have the power to have our own personal inner revolution–whatever we choose it to be! The cardinal CROSS we touch into with this CONJUNCTION in Cardinal Fire, Aries, is perfecting self-leadership!

MOON SQUARES PLUTO at 9:38 pm pdt. This SQUARE between deeply personal, emotional moon and Far Out Deep Dark Soulful PLUTO, is they are learnng how to speak to one another, how to lead one another, and how to change each other in natural ways, meanwhile holding each other in grace.

May Grace Lead the way.


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