March 20, 2012 – Dark Moon Watering Grand Trine in Earth – FIRST DAY OF SPRING!

Note: Due to an extended Spring Equinox Ritual, this blog was not published on time, i apologize for that.

MOON in Pisces touches the GRAND TRINE in EARTH with universal waters of spiritual energy. MOON OPPOSES MARS in Earth Virgo, reminding us that especially when MERCURY is RETROGRADE, we miss a few details. We have to “let go,” of our perfectionistic expectations perhaps and, allow some kind of universal flow instead.

MOON SEXTILES Power PLUTO in Earth Capricorn at 11:06 am pdt fueling our day with our own soul-juicy depth, or our own need for depth in life. In this dark moon waning time, we may feel drawn to sink deep into meditation, tracing energies all the way to their origination, feeling our essence incarnate more fully in our lives.

MOON SEXTILES JUPITER in Earth Taurus at 1:55 pm pdt, expanding us gently. We can receive the abundance we need. If we don’t have all that we need, we can ask for it and it will come.

Today is a day of release and allowing, requesting abundance where needed and knowing it will be there.