March 18, 2012 – SUN Pisces Water Last Dance – Spring Equinox Romance!!

Today is the last day of SUN in Pisces for the year, before SUN enters Aries tomorrow for SPRING EQUINOX.  This water to fire transition is an elemental alchemical transition inside of all of us, from a passive place toward an active place. Our inner fire will ignite tomorrow, even as the MOON WANES. By the NEW MOON on March 22nd, we’ll feel the full Springtime torque of earth love rising in us like a flower!

MOON SQUARED JUPITER pre-dawn for a vast feeling dreamtime, stretching us with galactic love. Waning Moon unfolds us down into deep soulful places.

MERCURY CONJUNCT URANUS at 10:24 am, pdt sparks us alive from the core with regenerative life, if we allow the magic fully inside. MERCURY and URANUS together are a Magician’s best friend. The Magician will use intention, communication and a harnessing of elemental energies to create his or her divine will.

MOON SQUARES VENUS at 11:39 am pdt. This feminine to feminine tension point can be a worthy struggle to overcome a creative limitation. The feminine to feminine relationship is releasing old struggles in this waning moon/venus releasing square.  Our homes, our stomachs, our hearts and our minds are balancing elementally today.

May the beauty of our own gentle let-go’s feed the divine purpose of humility and grace leading the way today.