March 17, 2012 – Morning Transition into Community Evening

MOON this morning in Capricorn, SEXTILES SUN in Pisces, Pre-Dawn, for a middle of the night harmonious alchemy between Masculine and Feminine. MOON in Saturn’s sign, SQUARE’s SATURN for a home and work transition tension point.  We know the work we need to do to make the transition graceful and can do it. With this SQUARE, the MOON heads into the VOID between Capricorn and Aquarius between 6am pdt and 9:11 am pdt, when the MOON moves into Aquarius.

MOON SEXTILES URANUS at 4:45 pm pdt and we ride a wave of invisible world connection, if we choose to, into community.  This waning MOON is a release moon, unwinding and releasing down into the dark.

DARK MOON SEXTILES MERCURY (RETROGRADE) at 5:46 pm pdt. We are in a deep alchemical cauldron of releasing the past. There are circles within circles of interconnected weavings layering right now for our ultimate healing, as a WHOLE community!

As the MOON WANES into dark, MERCURY moves closer to a CONJUNCTION with URANUS on Sunday morning at 10:22 am pdt, for a radical does of communications and trickster-turn-around magic!

The power of the CHARIOT cycle, in the Human Awakening Portal, may mysteriously reveal a secret to us about the whole cycle, on Sunday, with the MERCURY URANUS CONJUNCTION at 10:22 am pdt (a Chariot-Like aspect!)