March 16, 2012 – Masculine and Feminine Creativity

The only aspect today happened pre-dawn: VENUS TRINE MOON in our EARTH GRAND TRINE.  MOON moves toward a SEXTILE with SUN tomorrow for a divine dance of SUN and MOON! May our divine feminine creativity bless us with a day of grace, after all the hard work of last week!

The MOON is waning toward NEW MOON on April 22nd. This will be the Spring NEW MOON in Aries, as well as the STRENGTH NEW MOON in the HUMAN AWAKENING PORTAL!

Deep Creative Wealth to your Heart!

March 15, 2012 – Deep Release of Old for New Life

Mercury Retrograde got the astrologer today with so many consecutive “technical difficulties,” that today’s blog didn’t get published until “tonight.”

MOON entered Capricorn, pre-dawn. A SEXTILE with NEPTUNE at 6:00 am, pdt, is the MOON’s first aspect gifting us with a spiritually charged morning at dawn.  Singing, Ceremony, Prayers, Blessings and the river.

MOON in Capricorn SQUARE’s URANUS in Aries at 10:26 am pdt, giving us the tension to “break through,” whatever we’ve been needing to “break through.” This break through may not be easy, but it is possible today.

MOON in Capricorn SQUARE MERCURY in Aries at 1:53 pm pdt makes an interesting day for communications and driving, as well as receiving economic gain from old debts, or something “coming back from the past,” as MERCURY is RETROGRADE until April 4th.

MOON in Capricorn TRINE MARS RETROGRADE in Taurus at 7:18 pm adds another layer of magic to our GRAND TRINE TAKE OFF CREATION MAGIC!!

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO at 8 pm pdt reminds us that deep feeling is our true power. No one escaped this day without feeeling something, (hopefully,) because PLUTO asks us to feel deeply. Often it can be a day of tears of one form or another, that wash the soul clean. PLUTO is in Capricorn, so we are “resetting” our economic system at this time, doing some alchemical rearranging that involves bringing “special ingredients” in from the past, mixing them with the reality in the present, to make a nourishing service for others, that is true to our own and others’ soul. This new economic system will not be an “exonomic,” system, but rather a system run on the value in things we love and care about most.

Late night, 8:59 pm PDT, MOON TRINES JUPITER, re-connecting with the PLUTO TRINE JUPITER side of the MAGICAL GRAND TRINE in EARTH, happening now!!

Even later in the night, this GRAND TRINE IN EARTH is given sweet venusian love and magic with a MOON TRINE VENUS at 12:11 am pdt (early Fri morn/late night).

May the work of the day’s challenges bring a gifted and elevated evening and a starlit night, well earned from the work all week long!  What a week of intense initiations! If you made it this far in one piece–congratulations!!  You are one of the strong ones!  With intuition intact, and feet listening to earth, may we all be in the right place at the right time in the magic portal days!