March 14, 2012 – Power Portal Surfing

Today, we rise, having slept in our moving GRAND TRINE: VENUS TRINED MARS at 12:27 am PDT, and our sacred inner masculine and feminine are dancing in harmony.  Our creativity and love can guide our actions.

In dreamtime, MARS TRINE JUPITER at 2:51 am pdt, is expanding our inner masculine. It is time to rise in courage.  The power of our dreamtime and this morning is expanding with each breath, thought and choice of action. We have an opportunity to MEET the POWER that is coming through us, with honor and right use of this power.

MARS TRINES PLUTO at 5:24 pm PDT. MARS is RETROGRADE (in mutual reception with MERCURY RETROGRADE) in other words wild magic is going on, beyond what we can see, and although we can’t see it directly, we can participate with it! It is important to be clear and in our power during this time. If we begin to feel “disempowered in any way,” we need to face the force that is causing this response, inside of ourselves, meet it with love until we understand it, and then “rise above it.” We can always “rise above” something , by saying an authentic heart-felt prayer. Whatever spiritual lineage we work with, that lineage can be activated at this time, (in mutual reception with our personal participation). We are here to be physical at the same time as we are invisible divine. We are a bridge. We receive from spirit and manifest that inspiration and guidance here on earth. In this POWER PORTAL, we can channel our own power with divine precision.

MOON in Sagittarius SQUARE SUN in Pisces at 6:25 pm pdt, takes us down into the dark waning last quarter. This is the CHARIOT cycle of refinement, new vehicles and movement, now waning down toward the dark of the moon. We are heading into our inner hermit territory. We are bleeding in the moon temple, resting, soul-digging and gestating new creations.

May all gestations be held in wombs of love and birth canals of grace.