March 11, 2012 – Ignited by Divinity – Mercury Retro Preparations

MOON rises in potent water Scorpio, OPPOSING VENUS in sensual Taurus at 9:31 am, PDT. (Daylight Savings Time began at 2:00 am, PST) We went ahead one hour.  What do we desire to feel in ourselves related to sex, money and our own power?  This FULL (MOON to VENUS) inner asks us about love and creativity today!

VENUS and JUPITER inch closer and closer each day, expanding our capacity to love, create and be beautiful! The exact conjunction is Tuesday.

MOON OPPOSES JUPITER today at 1:13 pm PDT and we may be expanding our comfort zones!

MOON in Scorpio SEXTILES Scorpio ruler PLUTO. We have power, can focus and complete. We can penetrate our own limitations with cathartic renewal.

MOON in Scorpio SEXTILES MARS in Virgo at 3:33 pm PDT for an earthly “charge” like we are an electric current being “zapped by God,” in today’s igniting energy!  If we are “charged,” with direct actions, that is great. People can feel deeply intense in this Scorpio energy.

MERCURY goes RETROGRADE in Aries late tonight at 12:49 am PDT, today’s Mercurial energy might be a trickster providing unexpected glitches–if so, its best to “go with the flow,” let go, and keep humor as a first attention!  If a piece of tech equipment is not working, it may work after Mercury goes direct in three weeks!  This particular MERCURY RETROGRADE takes place in the sign of Aries. This is Mars’ sign. Mars is currently still RETROGRADING in MERCURY’S sign. So we have Mercury and Mars in mutually receptive retrograde cycles for the next three weeks of Mercury’s retro cycle. We are in a deep alchemical process that affects each one uniquely.

Our “communications to action” systems may need renewal and rebuilding. Our automobiles need to run on “less fuel,” or no fuel. Our cell phones are radio-active and need to be revised to be less harmful for human nervous systems and brains. There will be many interesting lessons for all this next three weeks. May we laugh at our odd mix-ups as they occur!