March 10, 2012 – Relationshit Compost Day

This morning, MOON rises in Libra, the sign of “relationship restructureville,” with SATURN there for the last two years, giving us a “cathartic renewal” (like a saturn return for all friends and lovers) over this two year Saturn transit through Libra. Every time the MOON crosses Libra, it touches into this ongoing restructure process. MOON CONJUNCTS SATURN at 7:09 pm pst, then goes into the VOID between Libra and Scorpio.

All day VENUS SEXTILES CHIRON (exact at 6:27 pm, pst, this evening), laying the map for a day of healing related to creativity, love and the feminine. All pain with the right perception, does become medicine. Relationships also “expel,” called “relationshit.” This relationshit at times is transformed into nourishment for the present miracle. Today is a day of redemption for all the relational “shit.” A day to honor the power of “compost” even in the realm of love!

MOON enters Scorpio at 9:24 pm pst. We are going deeper in–to whatever story we are walking. MOON TRINES NEPTUNE late tonight reminding us that we are loved and held by giant forces that guide us to “go with the flow,” in the river we find ourselves in, seeing who is in there with us “and celebrating!”