March 9, 2012 – Awake Reset!

MOON in cardinal airsign Libra OPPOSED wacky electronic URANUS. Mercury and Uranus came together in Aries on March 5th. These two change fast agents are still near each other exchanging new revolutionary ideas! MERCURY and URANUS together, give us new magical vehicles, synchronizing with THE CHARIOT lunar cycle.

Today we can rest more fully in our “new vehicles” whatever this is for each one, there is the inescapable feeling today, that we are moved by forces much larger than we are.

MOON OPPOSED MERCURY at 7:01 am, pst. Asking us to “listen within!”

MOON SQUARES PLUTO at 11:53 am, giving us an opportunity for death, for rebirth or authentic transformation.

VENUS SEXTILES CHIRON tomorrow morning carrying through a personal passage of healing our relational HEART.

May our love flow into our world, making more love for others .