March 7, 2012 – Faery FULL MOON Triangle Magic

FULL MOON RISING in Earth Virgo TRINES JUPITER this morning at 9:17 AM PDT. We are blessed, gifted & flowered in our power today.

FULL MOON is late tonight at 1:39 AM,PST. this is the “magical vessel” CHARIOT FULL MOON. Have we been gifted with any new vehicles this cycle? If yes, we can know they are to carry us forward! Meanwhile, Chariot Energy has a “refiners fire” quality. Each of us has been burning in these white purification fires of universal awakening.. Congratulations! We’ve made it to the “summit” of this month’s initiation.

Magical Earth Organizer MOON TRINES Power PLUTO in Economic Capricorn. At 10:55 AM PST. The kind of power that we are blessed with today is not a light or fluffy kind of power, rather it contains all the richness of shadow and light and everything in-between. We are more powerful when we know our own shadow well. This aspect hands us a magic pen, with which we may write three wishes on paper.

MOON CONJUNCTS MARS at 3:28 PM, PST. Mars is in it’s Mysterious RETROGRADE Mystery School. Sometimes Spring Cleaning can be an alchemical healing on our whole life!

May your personal economy receive an infusion of divine abundance and supportive god-faery-magic!