December 3, 2011 – Eclipse Void

MERCURY CONJUNCTED URANUS in the middle of the night, just pre-dawn, zapping us with communications genius power and radical shift energy, like a lightning bolt in our hand. We carry this magic into today, expanded by the dawn MOON in Leo SQUARE JUPITER in Taurus

MOON in lioness Leo passionately shines pure creative potential into our day, like a white spirit fire piercing into the Taurian earthly plane, we can manifest anything today and will see at least one, if not a few miracles, likely! So we can take this miracle consciousness into our hands, and apply it to our lives and the lives of others! What fun!

After the LOVE initiation of SATURN OPPOSITE VENUS–of yesterday morning–we may be gifted today.  If we passed the “LOVE initiation,” that was held for us by our higher self, then we are off into one of the MOST MAGICAL DAYS OF THE YEAR. “Every day truly is a magical day!”–however on a comparative scale of magical days, from 0-10, zero being no magic and ten being so magical that we just might blow our ego bolts right off!

Today is very close to a 10!! So beware and be sure to grab your magical wand, Uranian sword of truth, keypad, magical carpet and Mercurial wings, Today we really can BE the characters we came here to be, magnificently communicating with others in a way that transforms the world from old to new.

MARS in Virgo, RETROGRADE, coming into a GRAND EARTH TRINE with JUPITER in TAURUS gifts us with practical willpower traction into the earth, to re-invent, renew, cleanse, and revive our whole selves in any way necessary. The grand trine will peak mid month, and today this POWERFUL PERSONAL PLANET: MARS comes CLOSEST TO EARTH, in its orbit. This is a potent energy for willpower and action. Along with the MERCURY/URANUS conjunction, today provides us with white fire creative power of magical focus, communications and manifestation.

Because of Mercury’s association with cars and vehicles and that we are in the CHARIOT LUNAR CYCLE now, it is good to “take care of all our vehicles!”  The ones that walk (bodies) and the ones that drive (cars, bikes, etc.)

May today’s WHITE MAGIC give you the uplifted cauldron of light to create whatever you nse, between the last sign of the zodiac and the first sign, Aries. As the MOON enters Aries this evening at 5:51 pm, we step into our CARDINAL CROSS of CHANGE again as MOON CONJUNCTS URANUS this evening at 7:10 pm, pst. We’re in some kind of process of intense change and we’re touching the tension of this change for the next day or two.

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY late tonight at 12:52 am, pst, has the vibrant fiery SUN lighting up MERCURY RETROGRADE!  Sometimes when SUN & MERCURY are this close, its called “Sun combust Mercury,” This phrase “COMBUST,” can be descriptive of the energy, plus with Mercury Retrograde–this is an energy to be managed with care. It is a great time to write, rewrite, write, & rewrite important communications for the year ahead.

Sunday is a tension day, with MOON making a SQUARE TO PLUTO (death/rebirth) and MERCURY (retrograde) SQUARING MARS.  The Mercury Mars square can cause irritation in beings, so it is to be handled with care! This is a good time to stretch oneself gently in excersize, work, and commuincations. If communications are tense with others, its good to take alone time tomorrow.