March 4, 2012 – Loveshift – Responsibility for Authentic Creation

VENUS OPPOSITE SATURN in the middle of the night at 3:18 am pst, asks us to take full responsibility for the creation that comes through us. We are faced with a personal karmic step-up, called by our own heart. Our heart longs for love, for creative expression, to sing, to dance and to make passionate love. Saturn is an alchemical constrictive energy that asks us to limit our focus to the things we love. There is a discipline in cultivating love instead of fear, in every moment, like jedi’s.

MOON in Cancer SQUARES SATURN in Libra at 1:20 pm pst, giving us the tension of a mother who must temper her creations into more grace. By forces beyond us, we are disciplined into higher alchemical human expressions, turning base emotions into gold.

MOON SQUARES VENUS at 2:17 pm pst, in T-SQUARE with SATURN and we’re blesssed with a personal shift in relationshipville, in love and/or in the realm of our creativity and creations. The MOON goes into the VOID with this square, for an hour, before moving into innocently creative Leo.

By the evening, this Leo MOON TRINES MERCURY in Aries at 8:57 pm pst, providing us with a fiery energy for creation-recreation. Through intention and focus, we create our world. We have a fiery liquid light tonight that can be used as a laser or a sunrise.

MOON TRINES URANUS at 9:24 pm pst, and we’re invited to be real magicians tonight. We might create a merkaba light vehicle or speak to our star-ancestors. We might walk into a phone booth and choose a superhero costume that best represents our special gifts. No more pretending to be small with these powerful fiery forces moving through us, we can embody this largesse of life through heart-based radical choice.

Today is a day to commit to love, to upgrade our lives with our authentic prayers and devotion to what has been gestating in our own heart.