March 3, 2012 – Masculine Transformation

MOON in Cancer OPPOSES PLUTO in Capricorn in the middle of the night, at 12:46 am pst, offering a threshold of death/rebirth that we may have traversed in last night’s dreamtime.  We are still in an ongoing catharsis of our personal, community and collective economy!

This morning, we’re blessed with the SUN in Pisces TRINE MOON in Cancer at 8:58 am pst, an emotionally flowing place of soul-warmth, beauty and fluid dancing between masculine and feminine. Our eyes are the doorway to each others’ soul. Can we elicit more soulfulness, beauty and reverence from and with each other?  This soul-recognition might be important in the context of otherwise potentially hostile energy with a SUN OPPOSITE MARS today!

MOON SEXTILES MARS at 10:18 am pst jumpstarting our late-morning with fireworks that dig deep for healing our inner masculine, with MARS still RETROGRADING in the zodiacal healer sign Virgo.

SUN in Pisces OPPOSITE MARS (still Retrograde) in Virgo ignites our masculine karmic pathways with CHARGE! Our inner masculine might be angry with us if we have not been listening to direct divine directives to “act” on behalf of our “higher self.” Anger is a healthy response to something being “out of alignment.” This charged atmostphere of fiery volatile masculine polarization must move through us today and we are capable of holding polarized male tension meanwhile creating peace instead of war, honest sharing instead of blaming statements and transformed anger into passionate right action!!

Later tonight, VENUS in Aries OPPOSITE SATURN in Libra at 3:18 am pst, is contraction-based love-shift point!  Creative projects, feminine receptivity and abundance are finding right structure.

The combination of VENUS OPPOSITE SATURN and MARS (Retrograde) OPPOSITE SUN is an alchemical pressure to make a big shift related to how we are with masculine and with feminine. We may also be making a big shift related to an old way of being caught up in patterns leftover from childhood. We will know what this shift is. We can also activate a shift we have wanted for a long time, but have been unable to make! Our “inner parents,” are healing and maturing. May everyone walk through changes with compassion, healing toward wholeness intention-filled love-bomb!  May our radical honesty be gentle, in a charged and delicate time!