January 9, 2012 – Words that hurt or words that heal

MOON in Gemini SEXTILED VENUS in Aries in the middle of the night for a dose of self-love or education about the need for self-love in dreamtime.

MERCURY shifted into Aries at 3:41 am pst, jumpstarting our communications with the feeling of SPRING, new life, and new beginnings! Before the SUN hits the springy archetype of Aries on our seasonal wheel, MERCURY transits this place of new beginnings. New Life doesn’t usually ask permission to come in, it simply bursts up through the soil and rocks, toward sunlight, with such force that it pushes everything dying out of its way on its march toward the SUN!

MOON in airy communicator twins TRINES SATURN in Libra, uplifting us with light and air from our winter relationship restructureville journey, pre-dawn, sending the MOON into the VOID between communicator air and home water.

MOON enters the home water sign of Cancer at 7:08 am pst and we put our toes into the waters of our changing home and wonder what alchemy is in store for us, since everything is a miracle. Sunflowers that grow, frogs that ribbit, ponds that grow fish and human beings that grow hands and eyelashes that blink. This whole biological mechanism that we are is a miracle. We are a miracle and earth is a miracle. Water is a miracle.  Home is the place where our miracles root down into the earth, resting and nourishing life from the home-soul-waters. Sleeping, meditating, nourishing, making love, creating stories, we whirl our bodies around in our “homes.”  Our home is the vehicle through which we ground, rest, cleanse, find consistent focus, and cultivate our own essence into practices, words, and unique services or creative expressions.

MOON SQUARES MERCURY at 7:33 pm pst providing the tension of New Beginnings that push through old soil.

MOON TRINES NEPTUNE at 9:11 am, pst and our inner and outer waters are connected. We are “in the river,” of life and it moves us in some divine flow that we cannot see. When we “go with the flow,” even when it seems awkward or unknown, we honor this magical divine current that carries us toward our evolutionary right place, which we may or may not see, and yet we are pulled by a current, toward some unknown destiny. We must follow this call, wherever it calls us!

MOON SQUARES URANUS at 1:29 pm pst sending a shock wave of New Life into a seasoned vessel of home. New roots might break old outworn foundations, if they are in the way of “freeflowing nutrients.”

home MOON SEXTILES fertile field JUPITER at 9:26 pm pst asking us to see the gifts of nourishment and pleasure that are available to us on this plane, by being in physical forms. This night is a night to indulge in our sensual gifts, enjoy the nourishment of food we l pm pst and we’re in for a Fiery Surprise! Meditation, Creativity, Healing Work, or Love in any other expressive form can be magical tonight!


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