May 20, 2012 – Expansive Grace prior to Universe Birth Moment

Sometimes it is through the shadow that the deepest most soulful beauty is revealed.  MOON left Aries pre-dawn this morning with an OPPOSITION to SATURN at 4:52 am pst. then went into the void.  How is it that our fire and our passion, creates the world?  Does our heart create the world?  Can we love the new world into being?

MOON enters Taurus at 6:29 am, pacific time, then SEXTILES NEPTUNE at 8:14 am, for a morning of grounded flow.

MOON, VENUS and JUPITER are hanging out together in the sky, conspiring about how to LOVE the WORLD into a whole new way of being. JUPITER expands everything it touches. Jupiter will “light up the path,” and kiss the maiden with good luck. The MOON/VENUS conjunction was at an hour before the SOLAR ECLIPSE point at 4:54 pm, pdt. There are many “stories” about eclipses. Some spiritual guides believe that “looking at the light of a solar eclipse,” can increase the volatile change-oriented effects of the eclipse in one’s life. Some Guru’s believe that for sensitive people, it is better not to “look” with the external eyes, but rather with the “internal eyes,” seeing the movements that are of the vast invisible world within. I personally went to an “eclipse viewing” in Chile 20 years ago or so, and i did witness the eclipse through eclipse viewing goggles, however i was young, wild and open for a big wave of amped change in my life and indeed that is what happened.  If you are going to witness the eclipse, make sure to wear proper eclipse-viewing glasses, easily purchased at a five and dime store nearby. If you would like to receive the energy of the Ecilpse Change Portal in the most GENTLE way possible, you may wish to experience the eclipse by closing your eyes and “going within,” to feel the shifting within, opening oneself up to “witness,” with “inner vision,” something more magnificent and revelatory than may be “visible” with the naked eye.

The SOLAR ECLiPSE in Gemini SQUARES NEPTUNE at 10:22 pm pdt, giving us the potential for a kind of spiritual work or birthing work that is touching the UNKNOWN. When we touch the unknown, we are touching the opportunity for grace, for collaboration with divinity and for the manifestation of our dreams of choice.

May we surround this BIRTH PORTAL with the care any mother gives to her newborn. May our NEW GOLDEN ERA be an expression of the heart and soul of humanity.


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