May 12, 2012 – Big Healing Day

Sometimes it is through the shadow that the deepest most soulful beauty is revealed.  MOON left Aries pre-dawn this morning with an OPPOSITION to SATURN at 4:52 am pst. then went into the void.  How is it that our fire and our passion, creates the world?  Does our heart create the world?  Can we love the new d what we have to offer in this world. In the STRENGTH cycle we are meant to fully claim these abilities and face the limitations that would keep us from their fruition and full expression. In this week, it is a time of deep rest and preparation, for one of THE MOST POTENT LUNAR CYCLES OF THE YEAR! Beginning on May 20, 2012 on a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Taurus, we initiate a lunar cycle of STRENGTH, Overcoming, and Radical Change. This may be THE SOLAR ECLIPSE OF OUR LIVES!  We’re on the verge of a more than 100 year Venus Transit and this eclipse field is the activated shock, death and change portal for the 2012 shift. This Kali-strong, Death-facing, Lucid-Discernment-Needing Portal is a place where we need to step into our Power, Awareness, Vigilance and Clarity like we never have before.  With a humble listening reverence for God/Spirit/Our Ancestors and our Mother Earth, we can allow these invisible forces to guide us into our strongest most manifest place in this world, where we are “ready for anything,” listening to our divinity, and willing to take right actions. If we do not feel a honed clear connection to our own intuitive way of hearing, then this week, is the week to master this, find an oracle to lean on in the mean time, or recognize and use the gifts we’ve under-utilized before now. As we rest and unwind in this last quarter waning moon, we need to give ourselves the kind of sleep we might have before a giant revolution in our world.

MOON SQUARES JUPITER at 3:40 pm pdt, activating our own personal religious beliefs into expansion. How can we make tomorrow a day that allows us to be in our most authentic connection, with our own form of divinity, in our own way of accessing that!

MOON TRINE VENUS at 5:13 pm pdt gives us GRACE and LOVE to weild in this world at our choosing.

MOON TRINE SATURN at 5:52 pm this evening completes our day and the MOON’s journey through Aquarius, as the last aspect from Community-Love Aquarius. This aspect is giving us another gift, grounding & potentially feeling loved by a mothering energy. We can love ourselves or others or we can expand our ability to give and receive love with our physical world. This is an archetypal “Mothers Day” kind of aspect.

MOON is VOID from 5:52 pm this eveningt through 4:42 am pdt (tomorrow morning). Pre-dawn, MOON enters watery Pisces.

May our ability to embody Power in the form of Love, Healing and Mothering this world be allowed to rise with divinity’s usherings.



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