February 26, 2012 – Expansion of Feminine Beauty and Shadow

Sometimes it is through the shadow that the deepest most soulful beauty is revealed.  MOON left Aries pre-dawn this morning with an OPPOSITION to SATURN at 4:52 am pst. then went into the void.  How is it that our fire and our passion, creates the world?  Does our heart create the world?  Can we love the new world into being?

MOON enters Taurus at 6:29 am, pacific time, then SEXTILES NEPTUNE at 8:14 am, for a morning of grounded flow.

MOON, VENUS and JUPITER are hanging out together in the sky, conspiring about how to LOVE the WORLD into a whole new way of being. JUPITER expands everything it touches. Jupiter will “light up the path,” and kiss the maiden with good luck. The MOON/VENUS conjunction was at 11am yesterday morning, MOON CONJUNCTS JUPITER later this evening at 7:43 pm pst, expanding our potential for beauty, feeling, insight and understanding.  JUPITER is nearly conjunct DARK MOON LILITH for a time, as well, so the good luck, the expansion, the light being shined on the path, may be touching into some Feminine Shadow Material, for clearing and empowerment for all.

SUN SEXTILES MOON at 10:53 pm pst, for a beautiful dance between masculine and feminine, as we dance the music of the spheres into our dreamtime.

May this Venus, Jupiter, Moon display in our night sky, remind us that we are all kings and queens of “our own universe,” guided by celestial lights!  May we celebrate this beauty!

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