January 4, 2012 – Pandora’s Feminine Box

Two nights ago, i was sitting with a truly authentic shaman from Guatamala, and he said to me: “TODAY is the FIRST DAY OF THE NEW CYCLE!!”  According to my people and my calendar, today is the end of a 26,000 year cycle and another 2,600 year cycle and an even smaller 26 year cycle. He said it was the end of LINEAR TIME and the beginning of CIRCULAR TIME. After two days, since then, i believe him. I see the circular nature, reminding me that MARS and SATURN are both RETROGRADE, and they are part of the “Reality Police” when they work together.

Yesterday early early morning, when SUN CONJUNCTED CHIRON was the PEAK of a Point of HEALING ERUPTION, (like a Volcano bubbling up from our depths, whatever is up to be worked all the way through to the treasures that appear once the lava has cooled and turned to glass.)  This point of eruption (happening anywhere in the three day window around this aspect) is a story that we continue to unfold and flower, as the MOON WAXES, up from the dark half of the waxing cycle, heading toward the light point (first quarter point) in the CHARIOT lunar cycle on February 29, 2012.

In the middle of the night, or just pre-dawn, SUN (having freshly cont

This MOON in earthy Taurus will SQUARE NEPTUNE late tonight tossing us into the RIVER. We’ll arise tomorrow morning with a MOON in Gemini SEXTILING magical URANUS at zero degrees Aries. Thursday can be a day of magical invisible world connected manifestations.

May the deep feminine stories of the past be healed in the bubbling light of the present day magic!