February 24, 2012 – Fire and Brimstone Heart for Deep Healing Shift

MOON CONJUNCTED URANUS in Aries at 12:26 am pst, setting our dreamtime afire! Or maybe we woke up on fire. The fire that is burning is a revolutionary fire of purification and change. It is said everything we have as a reference from the past will change! Can we even imagine where we may be in five or so years?  So much change!

SUN CONJUNCT CHIRON also in the middle of the night, may ignite our day with a deeply cathartic healing process. Not only is the SUN bursting with SOLAR FLARES, but it is also touching a very deep raw vulnerable part of us, that now exposed, asks us to journey all the way down, to find the treasure at the bottom of this big “stir,” whatever we are “stirred by.” we will know what it is!

MOON SQUARES PLUTO at 12:31 pm pst The old world that crumbles is in tension with the new birthing world that births. We are in the middle of both, crumbling and birthing at the same time! Death, Birth, Death, Birth.

May every death be the preface to new life and may the new life burst our hearts open in joy!