February 23, 2012 – Crescent Waxing Moon Meditation Toward Midnight Healing Pumpkin

This morning the MOON is at the very end of Pisces, in the VOID between Pisces and Aries. Meanwhile MERCURY, also in Pisces OPPOSED MARS pre-dawn this morning. Anyone feeling any angst?  MERCURY OPPOSITE MARS may bring frustration, tension, conflict, anger, insecurity and the personal way in which we may need to face the decimals in the details. It may also be a time of setting clear intentions in the midst of challenging feelings. Today is a day for compassion for all the ways that individuals feel we “fall short,” in our perceived need to be something.

Because of the MOON in the VOID all day with the Mercury challenge by our action-friend Mars, it is a good day for meditation, walking or unfolding magic that requires our participation and action. We might find ourselves more effective in the invisible world of prayers and ritual, than in the third dimensional world, today.  Tomorrow, however, is a POWER and tension day of traction in the 3-D world!

MOON enters Aries at 6:48 pm pst sending us on a rocket of inspiration. We just may have the will to do something, this evening, that we’ve been putting off, as fiery spring MOON approaches igniter URANUS who gives us the “fire from the Gods!” MOON CONJUNCTS URANUS in Aries a little after Midnight, pacific time.

There is a potent late night SUN CONJUNCT CHIRON, at 1:08 am pst, lighting up the places in us and in our world that need healing and reconciliation. Our Pumpkin vehicle may arrive to take us to a healing room in our dreamtime, where we may touch the deepest pain inside of us with hands of love, revealing a treasure, a key and an impending resolution. We can trust the unfolding journey to open up our pains so they can be “scalpalled,” where needed, cleaned and refreshed with life. Today and tomorrow we’re deep cleaning the areas where we got jaded when it appeared our dreams didn’t come true. There is still time in this life. We need patience with our dreams still unfolding in tender universal birth-canals.

MOON SQUARES PLUTO tomorrow afternoon at 12:31 pm pst, for one of our monthly life, death, catharsis points. Today is a slippery day, between the worlds, tomorrow we come “back into the thick of things,” with very large powerful energies to manage and channel into the best possible forms of healing. Today we may meditate on resolution-building communications, that could be needed tomorrow.

May the source of regenerative power and penetrating deep healing be in your hands.