January 10, 2013 – DARK MOON – Final Death of the Old World

The freshly NEW MOON SEXTILED PLUTO in the middle of the night, so we arise having touched some deep place in ourselves. The freshly NEW MOON in the watery oneness sign will head toward a CONJUNCTION with MERCURY, later in the day at 4:35 pm pst. MERCURY is also hanging out there with the ocean-fish, in Pisces.  Mercury in Pisces is a FEELING Mercury, that is often overwhelmed by the limited capacity in words sometimes to articulate our feelings!  When Mercury meets Pisces, we are dreamy and romantic, we wonder about soul-mates and dreams coming true, we muse about ourselves with different mythic influences, as we are capable of “shape-shifting” identities by “bringing in a new archetype.”

MOON OPPOSES MARS in Virgo at 6:24 pm, asking us once again to “take care of the details,” and work through frustrations and oppositions with care. This aspect also reminds us we are still in a truly “revolutionary time,” where MARS in Virgo, is called by Father PLUTO in Capricorn, to break down the old forms that are opposite to life.

VENUS INCONJUNCT MARS at 8:25 pm pst is an awkward aspect between masculine and feminine. They can’t quite “see” each other. We have the ability to have faith in our “heart of hearts,” beyond what we can “see.” This cycle can be the beginning of more authentically creating  the things we love most in this world.

We entered a new powerful cycle of creation, with the NEW MOON in Pisces CONJUNCT NEPTUNE yesterday. If there is anything that has felt stuck, or that we have felt we need to “let go of,” that we haven’t been able to let go of–this will be the lunar cycle in which we wille purifying fires ravage the unecessary, in our lives, may we release what is lost with gratitude and wonder.

MOON SEXTILED NEPTUNE & CONJUNCTED VENUS pre-dawn, giving us our monthly VENUS/MOON cycle point, rich with feminine magic in our sleep.

We may feel “funny” this morning, with the MOON SQUARE URANUS at 8:49 am, PST (Pacific Standard Time), offering a wacky sideways entry into the day.

MOON entered PLUTO’s resident sign of Capricorn, in the middle of the night. While we visit the dark low energy day of our monthly cycle, we also visit the cold transformational dark gloves of MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO in SATURN’s sign, at 4:22 pm, PST, while SATURN hangs out in PLUTO’s sign of Scorpio.  This mutual reception between PLUTO and SATURN, reveals our roll in this 2013, middle of a giant transitional death, hospicing the old world, already dead, but still releasing, meanwhile midwifing the New World, which we can barely sense, and yet we are the ones through which it will arrive.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN this evening at 5:18 pm, invites us right into a rich archetypal conversation between the dying old world and the newly forming infrastructures that will host our next era. Within each of us, each day, cells die, and cells are born. We are always in this simultaneous process.  In this next two years, we will continue to feel this overlapping experience of dying and being born anew, at the same time, within us. Oh what a rush!

May we die in grace and birth with joy.



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