February 22, 2012 – New Moon River of Catharsis, Communications & Revolution

NEW MOON SEXTILED PLUTO in the middle of the night, so we arise having touched some deep place in ourselves. The freshly NEW MOON in the watery oneness sign will head toward a CONJUNCTION with MERCURY, later in the day at 4:35 pm pst. MERCURY is also hanging out there with the ocean-fish, in Pisces.  Mercury in Pisces is a FEELING Mercury, that is often overwhelmed by the limited capacity in words sometimes to articulate our feelings!  When Mercury meets Pisces, we are dreamy and romantic, we wonder about soul-mates and dreams coming true, we muse about ourselves with different mythic influences, as we are capable of “shape-shifting” identities by “bringing in a new archetype.”

MOON OPPOSES MARS in Virgo at 6:24 pm, asking us once again to “take care of the details,” and work through frustrations and oppositions with care. This aspect also reminds us we are still in a truly “revolutionary time,” where MARS in Virgo, is called by Father PLUTO in Capricorn, to break down the old forms that are opposite to life.  MOON goes into the VOID with this last aspect from Pisces. The MOON will be VOID all day tomorrow, until 6:48 pm pst. MERCURY OPPOSITE MARS tomorrow morning, with MOON in VOID, makes tomorrow an interesting and alchemical day–to be handled with care!

VENUS INCONJUNCT MARS at 8:25 pm pst is an awkward aspect between masculine and feminine. We can’t quite “see” each other. We have the ability to have faith in our “heart of hearts,” beyond what we can “see.” These awkward moments pass. Love, wherever it may feel lost, always returns in some form, as energy is only ever recreated, never gone.

This cycle can be the beginning of a humanity that more authentically stewards the things we love most in this world. We entered a new powerful cycle of creation, with the NEW MOON in Pisces CONJUNCT NEPTUNE yesterday. If there is anything that has felt stuck, or that we have felt we need to “let go of,” that we haven’t been able to let go of–this will be the lunar cycle in which we will be able to let go of all that does not serve our highest. It will dissolve in the river of life. Life loves us, sometimes more than we love ourselves, and, luckily, LIFE is in charge of the river. We can trust changes that are happening in the “bigger picture,” that they are part of a larger “divine plan,” that life itself is unfolding. We can set individual intentions and we can trust that the Goddess has not left her creations unattended! The “river” of life supports us wherever we go. We contribute good and bad ideas to the flow! This lunar cycle is one to let all the “bad ideas,” go, while the good ideas know, where to grow.


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