December 31, 2011 – End of Year Engine

The freshly NEW MOON SEXTILED PLUTO in the middle of the night, so we arise having touched some deep place in ourselves. The freshly NEW MOON in the watery oneness sign will head toward a CONJUNCTION with MERCURY, later in the day at 4:35 pm pst. MERCURY is also hanging out there e middle of the night. MOON conjuncts URANUS round 3 or 4 am, sending us sparking electrically into dawn.

MOON SQUARES PLUTO in Economic Capricorn this late afternoon at 4:25 pst (pacific standard time) As we are zapped into awakening by something, with De-light-ful Uranus collaborating with personal MOON today. Then the PLUTO square ushers in DEEP SOUL CONTENT and STIRRED EMOTIONS.  We are whirling in our vessel of human changing of the dials!! We turn the dial from 2011 to 2012 and we say goodbye to the preparation year for 2012, Stepping into the magic year itself!!

MERCURY SQUARES MARS in mutable communications-related signs and we are in a kind of cooking stress for growth, change and evolving of our projects, writings and relationships, through communicating!!  We can communicate with care tonight, especially around the exact square at 10:06 pm pst. This is a square to handle with care!!

SUN SQUARES MOON at 10:15 pm pst. and we enter the LIGHT side of the lunar cycle, heading toward the FULL MOON a week away. We’re in peak creative time!



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