February 21, 2012 – River Banks, Flowering Ocean, New Moon!

MOON at the very end of Aquarius TRINES SATURN in Libra at 8:17 am pst (pacific standard time). Community connections in the dark moon. We are moved by silence even in the face of others, if we allow this quiet time in the cycle. We can ground deeply into the core of the earth in meditation this morning with the dark moon trining earthly Saturn.

MOON enters Pisces at 9:31 am, pst, after an hour of void travel between Aquarius and Pisces. We push off of our earthly shore in the late morning, into a watery adventure! MOON conjuncts NEPTUNE at 10:48 am pst, making this dark moon especially deep and watery.  We are connected with the larger collective as our personal MOON conjuncts collective NEPTUNE in watery, dreamy, visionary Pisces!

PISCES NEW MOON (SUN CONJUNCT MOON) takes place at 2:35 pm pst. This Pisces New Moon, Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, reminds us that we can dress as our mythic selves! We can dress in ways that inspire not only ourselves, but others. We can also make food that is “out of this world.” We have access to color and music, costuming and film, lighting and theatre arts, superfoods and spiritual secrets, we are amazing enlightened evolved beings! Evolved beings that live in an “Ocean World!”  Rivers, lakes, Oceans! We are mostly WATER and we are entering a lunar cycle of WATERY WONDER!

This NEW MOON is the beginning of the lunar cycle of the CHARIOT, in the 18 lunar cycle portal of human awakening. We have just completed the awakening cycle of the LOVERS, in an opportunity to re-imagine the archetype of the Lovers in our life. Now we have an opportunity to re-create our experience of ourselves as a “vehicle of light.”  The CHARIOTis connected to horses and dragons, and involves psychic focus.  It is good to work with our “merkaba light vehicle,” or “vehicle of light.”

This next lunar cycle may feel as if time “picks up speed,” or flows in a slightly different way. We may feel as if we are coasting on our own magic raft, down the river of our life knowing it is OUR RIVER. Others of us may feel that all of a sudden the world moves so quickly that we have to jump into a river unexpectedly, finding ourselves “tossed in the cross-currents,” of a larger ocean. We will need the CHARIOT, our vehicle, clear intention, focus, clarity of purpose and third-eye-driven awareness.

MOON in sacred water SEXTILES JUPITER in sacred earth and we are uplifted and expanded by our own Taurian nature. As physical beings we love sensations, colors, touch, food, and deep friendships. We may enjoy our incarnate nature tonight in a way that allows the river of our life to elevate to new states of gratitude, blessings and communion.

May this new cycle of creation serve as a vehicle for our most sensitive wise essence self to reside more deeply in our form.

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