February 20, 2012 – Deep Creative Feminine – Dark Shiva Moon!

This morning MOON is in Aquarius, SEXTILING VENUS in Aries. Something new is buried in every female womb, and every masculine womb too. We can’t see it yet, because the MOON is dark and waning and we are “one with the moon.” When it is dark, our perception goes dark and we can’t see ahead.  Our vision becomes “inner vision,” where we are called deep within our gestating belly to tend to the deep inner unseen births. We are a microcosm of a whole planetary hemisphere about to burst into life!

Cycle completion. Today is the last day of the lunar cycle of the LOVERS (number 6 in the Tarot), the Seventh lunar cycle, (including The FOOL, zero) since the beginning of an 18 lunar cycle portal of human awakening that opened on the New Moon of July 30, 2011. Today we complete this transformative cycle. We also complete a numerological cycle as today is a numerological nine. (the end of a continuous numerological 9 day cycle of creation). We can take a moment today to reflect on where we are on our journey. We are still in the first half of the lunar cycles of human awakening. May we complete old patterns, old thoughts, and all things of the “old world.” May we be ready for a new kind of birthing process–since we are changing into new beings, for a new world.

Being the DARK MOON before the Spring NEW MOON of delicate, divinely guided Pisces, we are called to PURIFY ourselves of doubts, fears & unclear intentions. This last day in the first full lunar creation cycle calls us to release any fears we have that keep us from total fulfillment on all levels. In East Indian Sacred Tradition, “Shivaratri,” begins at Sunset today. In India and everywhere that Shivaratri is celebrated, people chant to Shiva “the divine masculine force,” for purification prior to creation.  From sunset to sunrise we chant to the Divine Masculine force to clean us of non-divine energies. “Om Nama Shivaya!” May this deep dark time of purification and release support you in your soon-to-be thriving new creations!