December 30, 2011 – Growth Tension in the Void

MOON in Capricorn, is moving out of a SQUARE with URANUS in the middle of the night, uplifted by a TRINE with JUPITER at 5:44 am pst. This Capricorn MOON with life/death PLUTO says, what do you need to do to uplift your own personal economy?

MOON in Capricorn SEXTILES MERCURY in Pisces early morning at 8:51 pm, pst. Our own tea kettle is singing, ready for us to finish brewing our inner secrets and yearnings and take practical actions.  Mercury in Pisces has the power to smooth all the rough edges through communications.

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO at 12:41 pm pst. This brings us personally in contact with collective PLUTO in Capricorn who is like a “wrecking ball,” to all aspects of economy and reality that are not in alignment with cosmos at this time, then it composts all the old matter, and infuses it with all kinds of new strains of life that we’ve never seen or heard of before. As the MOON wanes, this new life falls down deeply underground, hiding with the groundhogs, waiting for spring.

MOON in Earthy Cap, SQUARES VENUS in Aries at 5:17 pm pst. Our inner Mother is into security, she is concerned about something.  Meanwhile, the fiery maiden, Venus in Aries is super inspired about risky new ideas that may threaten all sense of security! New life beckons us to be midwives and midfathers of new forms. We may not feel ready or resourced enough to bring these new forms through. The universe laughs–If we are a plant–we are sprouting through our old cracking vessels, quick get the next larger pot and keep going! Uranus in Aries reminds, don’t be “rootbound,” with old limitation-oriented conditioning, or you might not notice the new iridescent wings being woven on your shoulders while you weren’t looking!

The next lunar cycle, beginning on the NEW MOON in Pisces on Tuesday, February 21, is a New Moon with NEPTUNE. This next cycle is a big giant WAVE of WATER to surf!  Prepare for “high water,” and a river that flows swiftly, empowering us if we’re ready, overwhelming us if we’red rain tomorrow.

MOON will enter Aries late tonight at 1:48 am pst (pacific standard time). Tomorrow is a day of MOON in cardial T-Square all day along with MERCURY, touching the last days of the retrograde window, SQUARE MARS.  This square creates communications tension for growth, in the areas in our life where we have VIRGO and SAGITTARIUS. These signs are always in Mutable Square with each other and tomorrow, MARS and MERCURY OCCUPY the Virgo Sagittarius conversation in our lives. This is a powerful tension point to manage with care, between Agressive, Masculine MARS and fast-moving communications-based MERCURY. Today, while in the void, we can prepare for the potency of tomorrows tension/shift points. Prayers for all creatures on earth to move through tension points in grace.



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