December 24, 2011 – Merry New Moon! Rebirth of the Christos!

MOON is in Scorpio SEXTILE PLUTO in Capricorn, as we rise this morning, so we may wake up thinking about the changing economic system, personally and collectively.

MERCURY TRINES SATURN today from the end of Aquarius to the end of Libra. We may be communicating large struc and empowered.  Jupiter would like us to be more divine and have more fun this time, and Uranus is begging us for more humor and to bring in the Aquarian Age inside!

Last night i was up all night with ameoba’s in my stomach attempting to start a whole new population, in the dark of the moon. (I’ve had ameoba’s many times from world-travel and know the symptoms) Luckily, i had my first-aid kit of essential oils and i was drinking “Di-Gize” which has anti-parasitic power. I literally digested all the parasites over the course of the night with the help of these potent oils of peppermint, ginger and a list of others. Without the plant assistance, it would have been a lot more work and a lot more pain in my stomach. The plants, my steadfast allies on earth, make it all a lot easier.

I’m sharing this personal story because every person has their version of this cathartic opportunity of today and tomorrow to destroy all the old “parasitic orders,” that may have all kinds of plans to occupy stomachs and earth plane’s everywhere, and, guess what, we get to decide who lives here, inside of us, and on our planet, and we get to rebirth the archetype that translates through humanity TODAY and TOMORROW that governs the realm of “male spiritual teachers” and traditions related to God and to Books.

The Fresh NEW MOON conjuncts PLUTO at 5:42 pm, pst and the evening provides us with a POWER through our death/birth portal–to be managed with divinity. Being Christmas eve, this is an opportunity to have a real experience of contacting the Power and Glory of our own personal “Christos Within.”  This can be guided by our own imagination mythically, however it is a moment of spiritual power and invention, revelation and potentially sacred union.

In my “18 lunar cycle portal of human awakening,” tracking the Tarot through the cycles from FOOL to the MOON card–the point at which Humanity is “Birthed” on a large archetypal level, in January 2013.  Births can be messy and today’s birth could be messy as could the birth of Humanity in 2013.

So today is the “Hierophant New Moon” in the Awakening Journey–auspicious that it happened to fall on Christmas Eve, i couldn’t imagine a better alchemical syncronizing of archetypal powers.

NOTE: for those of you who are not aware of the archetypal journey i am talking about, i have a DVD available that explains the how i came to track the tarot through a “human awakening portal,” beginning at the New Moon of July 30th 2011, through January 2013.  E-mail me at to order a copy of the dvd.