December 22, 2011 – Deep Dark Grace

MOON in airy Libra is TRINE SUN and MERCURY as we rise this morning. There is a spirited lively feeling in the day! Masculine and Feminine are in a triangle (harmony) dance.MOON TRINED SUN in the middle of the night. MOON TRINES MERCURY at 9:59 am pst.

MOON is about to CONJUNCT SATURN¬† at 1:09 pm, pst.¬† We’re coming to our monthly constriction excersizmoving across all its retrograded points–in an unfolding way that we may see the spiralling alchemical nature of time and communications coming to fruition in the most beautiful ways. When we see this interconnected magic that today offers, we know that we live in an interconnected world that loves us and we are a beacon of love, ourselves, communicating with other beacons.

May the whole world be lit with the fire and passion of LOVE today!