February 11, 2012 – How does change happen?

We touched our soul last night, in the middle of the night, during a MOON SQUARE PLUTO, crossing over a dose of our own power challenged, making it stronger–Perhaps. We rise with the MOON still in geometric, seasonal, western-zodiacal LIBRA. Imagine all the people . . . living life in peace, you-who, oo, oo, oo.  Imagine how we each individually bring this peaceful world that John Lennon sang about, into being?  For the next FOUR YEARS, we’ll dance the URANUS SQUARE PLUTO DANCE, this is a REVOLUTIONARY COLLECTIVE SQUARE DANCE! We’ll be taking the “working next steps,” to manifest the world that John Lennon’s visionary team in the 60’s : laid out for us at the URANUS/PLUTO SEED/(beginning of cycle). So yesterday, as we headed toward the night, we were heading into this deep place of life, death, regeneration, sex and revolutions that go all the way.

Our personal MOON is freshly PLUTO catharted, and we’re off into our sweet social day of relating, even as “restructuring is still taking place,” in Libra. MOON is free of aspects until tomorrow when it TRINES SUN & MERCURY and CONJUNCTS SATURN. Tomorrow is a grounded day for communications, writing, editing and grounding all kinds of creative work!


The MOON/SATURN CONJUNCTION reminds of the CARDINAL CROSS of CHANGE that “shook us up” in 2010 & 2011. That “shake up,” may have been the “preparation,” and strengthening for the “Bigger Shake-Up” coming during the next FOUR YEARS of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO CHANGE!! The URANUS/PLUTO SQUARE is an unavoidable and profound sign of “break down of the old,” change and break through, of new sprouts and creations poking through the old death. It is a revolutionary, powerful energy that involves PLUTO who SQUARED the MOON last night. The exact Square is JUNE 24, 2012–a point of igniting and intensifying. This Plutonian deep power inside of us will generate tension from an invisible force, (perceived internal or external) to work through something, change something, build something or participate in a community reformation.  The more consciously we can apply this change to our world, the better.

May this Moon in air day allow you the freedom to relax, join friends and fly free of worries, at least until tomorrow!