December 13, 2011 – Trickster Shift Day!

In the middle of the night we are “poked” with a SUN/MARS INCONJUNCT (150 degrees). The inconjunct can be awkward and/or irritating in its feeling, because it is somewhat “indirect,” and yet it is a kind of “friction,” that we move through. Our inner radiance and creative life-force, would like our actions to line up more consistently with our essence. Each of us feels this message in a unique way.  Our personal Masculine energy is working out “right action,” peaking between yesterday and today.

MOON re-enters Libra, at 11:54 am pst, where SATURN is now RETROGRADING back through relationship restructureville one more time.  Saturn went retrograde on Feb. 7, and will remain RETROGRADE until June 25, 2012. From 22 degrees Libra, Saturn will go forward, step by step, until it departs its two years of “relationship restructurevile,” to move into SCORPIO on Ocotober 6, 2012.  At this point we’ll enter the “right use of sexual energy, financial energy–restructure time.” The intense “close examining, dissecting and separating” in the realm of relationship will shift. We’ve all been in (and are still in until Oct. 6) an intensely initiatory, individuating, maturing phase for “relationships” and our “social fabric.” Saturn will leave the sign of our social world and relating (Libra) as it enters the realm of power (Scorpio). We have 8 more months of “relationship restructureville,” until we are complete. May tenderness be with all of us.

MOON is in the revolutionary cardinal cross today, creating a FULL FEMININE REVOLUTION effect when MOON OPPOSES the URANUS/VENUS CONJUNCTION of yesterday. The Uranus/Venus cracked open our feminine heart in a good way, like it or not, and, and patience while Mercury transitions.  There is a specific flavor of trickster and circle magic today!

MOON TRINES MERCURY, freshly direct in Sagittarius at 8:53 pm pst and our space-ship is off to the moon!

Moon Rocks in your socks for grounding today!