February 9, 2012 – Vast Heart Catharsis

MOON in Virgo TRINED PLUTO in Capricorn in the middle of the night, bringing us down into a deep place of touching soul. MOON slowly picks up details in Virgo as it moves toward a conjunction with MARS at 9:11 pm pst.   We are healing misused power, aggression, anger, betrayal and everything that surfaces these days.  Whatever is breaking open today is breaking our HEARTS OPEN.

VENUS CONJUNCTS URANUS in Spring Sprung Aries this evening (and all day), exact at 6:29 pm pst, igniting our fires of HEART in ways that are breaking the shells & armor that has held us back from our deeper heart. Our ability to deeply feel is our greatest resource in the times to come, say the masters, and today may “break us open,” in the best way possible.  We may feel at some point, like vulnerable baby chicks whose perceptual “egg,” has just “fractured,” leaving us exposed.  Exposed, we are more available to God/dess.

URANUS/VENUS alchemy is a magic wand to our art, our love, and our inner Goddess self. This VENUS acupuncture-like UNION with URANUS today unifies our authentic feminine heart with the lightning-like, breaking-open power of Uranus’ unending reach for human-divine alignment.  There is genius in today’s explosions and that genius is hanging in the ethers all day long.  Einstein’s ability to invent is with us!