February 8, 2012 – Practical Angst for Progress

MOON is still in fire Leo this morning, still emanating the FULL MOON of our Heart from mid yesterday. This FULL MOON ignites our morning with charge about reformation when it sextiles SATURN at the very end of Libra, now RETROGRADING at 8:42 am.  Saturn Retrograde is “deep cleaning,” old structures and asking us to dig deeply into our social environment to compost old social energies that are conditioned, pretense-filled and inauthentic.  This FULL MOON alchemy asks us to find our uniqueness and authenticity in a way that serves the awakening of the whole. Community is made strong by individuals who are grounded in their own truth. After the contact with SATURN, MOON goes into the VOID between Leo and Virgo for an hour.

MOON enters VIRGO at 9:32 am pst asking us to clean, organize and attend to details, especially in the realm of mail, communications and writing!

Our Mercury-Ruled MOON opposes NEPTUNE at 9:51 am from Virgo, what were those details, SWOOSH, as they are washed away by Neptune’s flowing watery waves of energy that are not so definable. What infrastructure can we create to support the next 13 years of NEPTUNE in Pisces?  We have deeper spiritual needs and more authentic creative needs, we also need tenderness and authentic companionship with our “right tribe,” so we can all get on the right “magic carpet,” heading into the spirit-led future.

MOON in Virgo TRINES JUPITER in Taurus at 3:45 pm pst, giving us a taste of the earthly manifestation magic that is coming in March, with a GRAND TRINE in EARTH.

MERCURY is building toward an INCONJUNCT with MARS all day, building our “angst factor,” vibrating us through awkwardness and irritation to make the changes that are being called.  The peak of angst is 11:09 pm! It may be a late night work night, or a late night discussion night. Its good to know any irritation, anger or angst is drawing off of sacred power that rumbles CHANGE from deep within the earth. We are out on the surface of this change, however every little conscious shift we make, contributes to the whole.

May inner forces of revolution be steeped in LOVE, transforming pain to understanding, irritation to action, and anger to clarity.


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