December 10, 2011 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Rising

SUN is conjunct MERCURY at 1:07 am pst (pacific standard time). This SUN MERCURY CONJUNCTION in Aquarius is like a personal Gabriel’s Trumpet, right to our ear! We’re receiving messages, loud and clear and we are messengers!  Hawk is the bird of today, flying high with wisdom and insight to share!

This FULL MOON is filled with the need to communicate! MERCURY is featured today and so is SATURN!! Who is in charge?  Who has authority?  Where is our own “authorship of our own life?”  SATURN STATIONS at 6:03 am (around dawn) pacific standard time. SATURN is at the Very End of Libra, having spent the last two years or so in the “relationship sign,” finally Saturn stops at the very end of the journey of relatonship and social reformation, and it “goes back for another re-examination,” It goes back to learn from the past. Saturn goes backward and asks us to rewrite, redo, reprogram, repattern ourselves to our “higher selves,” instead of our “more base self,” we can turn lead into gold! Saturn will retrograde for five months, until June 25, when it goes direct at 22 degrees of Libra. This is a deep dig of our inner authority and inner father structure!

VENUS, planet of feminine expression, is awkwardly INCONJUNCT this SATURNIAN STRUCTURAL REFORMATION and energetic SHIFT point. This shift is awkward for humans and yet so growth promoting! (12 pm pst)

FULL MOON takes place at 1:54 pm pst. This afternoon we peak with some kind of “inner solar flare of revelatory cathartic universal messaging!” The FULL MOON is in the LION sign of LEO, touching our HEART, our passion, our desire to LOVE and be LOVED, our desire to be authentically creative, expressive and part of “something larger than ourselves,” we’d like to be a part of the REAL AQUARIAN REVOLUTION where we “leave the old crusty reality behind” and step into a colorful glowing awakened reality of “tribe,” equal partnership, invention, miracle wonders and uniqueness!!

MOON is in FULL MERCURY (OPPOSITE MERCURY) at 2:41 pm pst. This opposition can be polarized or awakening. It can be a place of publishing or retracing ones expression. Our expression is a resource of power, strength and truth-telling. We can create change, grow new projects, build bridges and collaborate with our communication!

VENUS moves into Aries at 11:09 pm pst IGNITING our creative innpportunity to be touched by divine energy in a reverent magical and reconstructive way.

This potent freshly ECLIPSED MOON makes a TRINE with SATURN in Libra at 11:05 pm, pst. Libra, relationship sign, is where our restructure planet (Saturn) has been hanging out. We are learning to collaborate well with our “brothers and sisters.” We, humanity are one family and today is a day of feeling that and communicating in a new way that addresses that shift.  How do we restructure our world to support our expanded understanding of self as part of one humanity, connected by human soul? What does commerce look like when it contains this understanding of our interconnectedness on a biological, physics and soul level?  Today is a day to honor soul along with grounding the logistics and details required for successful collaboration. If we forget to honor soul, Mercury will trickster over us so nothing works until we let go, sometimes in these moments of break down, we are left with a focus on heart and soul.

Today’s Gemini-Eclipse mission for humanity is how do we talk to each other in a new way, incorporating more REVERENCE and WONDER into our daily perceptions?


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