February 6, 2012 – Rocking with New Life – Rolling like Thunder

MOON TRINE VENUS (1:28 pm pst) and MOON SQUARE SATURN (4:31 am pst) sending the MOON into the VOID between Cancer and Leo – in the middle of the night. It may have been a working dreamtime! The Divine Feminine is still doing some important inner work as we rise!

MOON enters Leo at 5:24 am pst. Upon freshly entering the LION HEARTED sign, MOON TRINES URANUS in Aries (9:24 am pst), making the Leo even more Lion-Hearted! The FULL MOON will take place with this Moon in fiery fiesty Leo, activated by the Uranian wild card revolutionary!  (Full Moon is tomorrow / Tuesday at 1:54 pm pst)

MOON SQUARES JUPITER from Fire to Earth and we are “working out the creative details in our lives,” along with the basic finances.  Rock the old foundations with new life! Its the season for rocking with new life!


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