December 4, 2011 – Retro-Communications Traction Action

MOON in Gemini is inside our heads asking us lots of questions as we rise this morning, or its chatting away about our “to do” list.  Today’s mental MOON is in SQUARE to MARS in Virgo at 7:24 am pst. (pacific standard time). What are all those administrative details we need to take care of today?

NEPTUNE, Big Water Planet, departs from our airy community sign of AQUARIUS today to enter PISCES. Neptune has been dancing on this boundary between Aquarius and Pisces for the last few years and finally, the Divine Feminine Ocean God–makes the shift into his/her HOME SIGN in PISCES! (Exact shift is today at 10:52 am pst)

MOON in mutable (either/or) Gemini SQUARES VENUS as feminine to feminine energies are in tension with one another. Mother-Daughter, or Sisters have a “corner to work out.” Countries must ask themselves, War, or Peace? (Exact SQUARE is 12:03 pm pst).

MOON TRINE SATURN at 9:06 pm. Today is a work day, through and through. There are LOTS of tiny details in paperwork, communications and all those mutable things like decisions, letters, thoughts, . . . .so by the end of the day, if we attend in a direct way with all those details, then by this aspect late tonight, we’ll feel the rich fulfillment of “loose ends tied,” at the end of the day.  We can drink in the nourishment of the earth under ouran quality,” of this Mercury retrograde to “call back to ourselves,” pieces of our soul that have been lost, fragmented or forgotten.  We can also invoke magical things from our past, find checks in our old mail and all round ‘communications, mail & car magic and/or trickster’ abounds today!

SUN TRINES MOON at 7:20 pm, pst and the Masculine and Feminine dance beautifully together, each supporting the other in their divine purpose on earth, each supporting the other to shine more, fulfill dreams, and access more service for humanity, reveling in the cosmic dance of life!!

Cheers between Eclipses!  Never leave home without your super care-ful-ness and your sword of truth) these dayss! Soul’s Discovery Blessings!



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