February 2, 2012 – Happy Heyokah Candlemas Spring!

MOON rises in airy communications-oriented-Gemini TRINE MERCURY at 6:41 am pst. MERCURY in Aquarius is “flying through community,” like a Heyokah, breaking up old patterns, as second nature.  These patterns, that do not serve the higher expression of humanity coming, are ripe for change–the trickster “accidentally pulls the rug out with a random comment,” and the whole community is in an uproar.  But what was underneath that rug?  Meanwhile MARS RETROGRADE digs deeper, what is under the rug?  Humor and Laughter is the key and secret of today!

SUN in Aquarius trine MOON in Gemini is fun, can be romantic and passionate, in love with each other in a way that creates a better world for everyone. When SUN and MOON, (mother and father) Masculine and Feminine are dancing in harmony (TRINE) the whole world sings!  Birds chirp, Bees buzz, and deva’s sing their hearts!  In AIR, communications, community meetings and websites are abuzzzzzz!

I was reminded by an old friend, just last night, that today, (in the old sacred traditions), was the first day of spring!  Imbolc or Candlemas is the point between the Winter Solstice and the Summer Solstice. In the “old Calendar,” the Equinox and Solstice points were “midpoints,” rather than starting points, so the Spring Equinox is the “middle of spring,” and TODAY is the FIRST DAY of SPRING, in the old Calendar.