February 1, 2012 – Masculine to Feminine Awakening Revolution

This morning is spacey, as we rise with a MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE, exact at 11:06 am pst (Pacific Standard Time.) Our SOUP is COOKING inside our subconscious, as MARS RETROGRADES, initiating us deeply into a process we cannot see clearly.  We’re deep in our journey today. Our dreams may have been vivid or tangible, so that the waking life seems almost like more of the “dream” today.  On a conscious level the SUN is in Aquarius and our attention is called by our community in one way or another!  We each play an active roll in community, “as ourselves,” and without each one’s authenticity, the WHOLE might miss something.

MOON SEXTILES URANUS at 2:54 pm (pst) and we are, one more time, given the gift of “a magic wand” in time, within which our most focused longing can be given wings, on its way to fulfillment.

VENUS in Pisces OPPOSES MARS Retrograde in Virgo. This pair is dancing their way THROUGH challenge into RIGHT RELATIONSHIP.  Today is initiation day for DIVINE MASCULINE with DIVINE FEMININE!!  We are finding our way, through our life’s initiations, held in place by “each other,” into our “perfect dance.”  We are also learning what sacred ritual to the divine IS for each of us. What will be this “perfect divine dance” between masculine and feminine, INSIDE and OUT???  Today is the day we discover our own expression of this balance!

May your inner MARS MEET INNER VENUS with LOVE, service, appreciation, authentic challenge of perspective for growth, magical musical magnetic healing, SEEING each other. HEARING each other, and each being a WING, opposite the other, on the flying body of God/Goddess.   May we fly in sync as human limbs of the divine in form.