December 2, 2011 – Eclipse Square Dance

VENUS and MARS are OPPOSITE on Wednesday, so they’re almost opposite today and MOON touches them both today, from the earth-grazing sign of Taurus. Today we can enjoy the “green field,” that feeds us day after day. We can also enjoy our sensuality that Taurus feels, loves and feeds.

MOON in Taurus SEXTILES VENUS in Pisces at 6:08 pm PST. This bond between women is inside of every man and woman today. The inner mother is bonding with the inner daughter/maiden/female lover.

Meanwhile MOON TRINES MARS at 8:28 pm pst, connecting Mother with Son/Warrior. The divine MOTHER archetype is bonding today with both the divine feminine and the divine masculine, even while those two are magnetically polarized planets at this time, on opposite sides of the wheel of our ecliptic (path of the planets) in the night sky.

This lunar cycle, which is now in the waxing light, within days of peaking and fruiting, is the lunar cycle of the LOVERS in our current “Human Portal of Awakening,” that began with the FOOL at the New Moon following this past Mayan New Year, July 30, 2011. As we walk through this “human-galactic archetypal progression,” of the tarot archetypes in an intelligent, unfolding human awakening journey, we can participate actively by actively REVISIONING THE LOVERS archetype in our collective consciouhaven’t had the energy to make. This weekend–we’ll have the energy!

MOON OPPOSITE MARS pre-dawn gives us the masculine power umphf to go the distance. Tension in relationships could cause flare-ups. Anger and frustration, when harnessed can streamline into actions that serve our purpose.

SUN SQUARES MARS near the dawn of this day at 5:08 am, pst and we’re charged with solar energy and an active principle. Today is a day of ACTION and Purification in preparation for right action. Its good to excersize and because Mercury is retrograde and we are between two eclipses, it is important to take extra special care of our body as we excersize today be being extra care-filled especially on weak muscles or joints. Walking and hiking is better than running and jumping today.

MOON SQUARES MERCURY at 10:06 am, pst then MOON goes VOID of course between Pisces and Aries. This VOID of course moon is in the VOID for TWO DAYS!!!!  This is a particularly LONG void of course period and with the Mercury circular trickster energy and the Eclipses which often cause things to be “eclipsed,” its good to allow ourselves to go over something again and again to get it right, having the patience to repeat ourselves where necessary or to redo something if needed. Meanwhile cosmic energy is asking us to become the “active eclipse servants,” by pulling out our sword of truth and chopping off every ear we still have to the voices of doubt and fear. We are refining our ability to say “No,” to the things in the way of our “Yes’s”

We’ll be floating in a Piscean watery feeling place, touching into the core in us from which “right action” comes. If there are glitches or things take longer than we expect this weekend, its good to have patience, flexibility, intuition, care and prayer with us through the tension of Mars squares and the VOID of the Moon’s slippery place between signs. It is good to navigate from the inside out by listening to our body this weekend. What does our body need from us to come into stronger “alignment” with earth and cosmos?

MOON moves into Aries on Saturday evening at 5:51 pm, pst, grounding us from the ‘between worlds void’ of Friday and Saturday. We’ll come out of the void like a rocket-ship as MOON conjuncts URANUS when fresh into Aries by 7:36 pm pdt, Saturday evening.

To everything Turn, turn, . . . there is a season, turn turn, and to everything a purpose, under heaven. —Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

January 30, 2012 – Fixed Cauldron Square

Occasionally, one of us is “tossed into the cauldron,” in a way that we are not able to attend to our “everyday life.” I have just had one of those “cauldron times,” so i was not able to write for two days!  I apologize to those people who follow this post daily. I have risen out of the “soup,” i’ve been “cooking in,” and can resume my daily blog. Thank you for your patience. (this is yesterday’s–Monday’s) Blog, written today, Tuesday.

MOON has been in Taurus, hanging out with JUPITER, Great Sky Father of upliftment, insight and revelatory perspectives. You may have seen the beautiful pair in the night sky, Father JUPITER making geometric beauty with the waxing crescent MOON, as it ate Jupiter, pre-dawn at 3:28 am pst.  MOON rose above, Father Jupiter, empowered by his wisdom and insight, bringing her “bowl” of magic up into our day, for more alchemical contact.

Next, MERCURY came closest to EARTH at 8:04 am pst (pacific standard time). Mercury coming closest to earth brings our COMMUNICATIONS to a peak of learning and gaining awareness.  MERCURY (not retrograde right now,) has been “talking” with MARS lately, who is RETROGRADE. The MARS RETROGRADE asks us to address all of our “MARS issues.”  These Mars issues are related to authenticity, will, boundaries, aggression, action and conflict resolution.  These themes–including authentic healthy individuation–will remain “up for us to work with,” for the next six months. (three months of retro and three months of winding back over the retrograded points.)

MOON SQUARED MERCURY at 8:14 am PST, Taurus to Aquarius giving us emotional and communications grit and traction for deep change, moving us toward the Age of Aquarius. Taurus may resist this change, may feel comfortable holding onto the ways of the past, and Aquarius will light the sacred torch under the resistance of the Bull, and ask it to MOVE, GROW, EVOLVE and CHANGE!! Are you the torch-lighter or the “resister,” and within you, how do you manage the part that wants to hold onto the past, vs. the part that knows we must CHANGE, even though it is uncomfortable. We must change to meet this time.   Time is carrying us and it asks us to change today, and intensely for the next FOUR YEARS!!

MOON comes closest to EARTH this morning as well, bringing emotional energy to a peak of experience on earth, meanwhile MOON is TRINE PLUTO at 3:25 pm, adding SOUL, depth, PASSION, obsessions, POWER, and life/death feelings into the “soup.”

SUN SQUARE MOON at 8:10 pm pst is a tension point of shifting from the dark side of the lunar cycle to the light side. MOON is within a week of the FULL MOON now and waxing in the light of the most powerful window of creation so far in 2012. This is the FIRST LUNAR CREATION cycle of 2012  and a time to attend to our SOUL and our reason for being here at this important time. The fixed signs hold the transformation and awakening of humanity, as if holding four kingpins which hold the “cauldron of awakening” in place. People who are FIXED may want to consider “what is my roll?” in this awesome time for all humanity.

Today honors COMMUNICATIONS, FEELINGS (as they guide us) and SOUL!


January 29, 2012 – Preparation for Flowering

MOON in fiery Spring-loving Aries as we rise, moving all day toward an opposition with SATURN, our planet of structure, form and discipline. The exact opposition is at 9:21 pm, pacific standard time (west coast time), so all day we walk toward this meeting with the force of limitation.

fiery MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE in Aquarius at 10:09 pm pst, softening the limitations of Saturn with the flowing waters of Neptune. Our dreamtime may be infused with vivid Aquarian Age energy.

With today’s Saturn contact and support from Neptune, we are offered an opportunity to “repair the banks” of the river of our life. Is our work, home, excersize discipline and time-structure: everything that it can be to best support our highest expression?  Today is a day to consider the general “structure” of our lives and ask ourselves if we can refine it to work better for our joy and authentic fulfillment in life. We are like human flowers who open in the sunlight of our lives, receiving fulfillment. We are here to fulfill our own dreams!  Today–we have the creation grit and grace to create something beautiful out of nothing, for our future.

January 28, 2012 – Catharsis, Magic and Wonder

SUN in Aquarius SEXTILES MOON in Aries in the middle of the night, harmonizing masculine and feminine creative energies. MOON SQUARES PLUTO at 2:47 am pst and we touch SOUL, SHADOW or DEEP EMOTION during dreamtime.

MERCURY SEXTILES URANUS at 10:26 am pst. This is a magical aspect! Our minds are connecting with the invisible magic and “breakthrough change” energy of URANUS!

MERCURY SQUARES JUPITER at 8:08 pm providing the next evolutionary step for our path of learning and growing. Today is an evolutionary day that may feel like it pushes us forward on our path. We are being “matured,” and freed from our old limitations.

May today be a day of authentic freedom of soul, expressing through hands, feet and form!

January 27, 2012 – Perspective Shift

SATURN SQUARED MERCURY in the middle of the night at 1:19 am pst. Relationship Restructureville (Saturn at the very end of Libra) has a “radical shift” with Mercury–communications & travel at the end of Capricorn.

MERCURY enters Aquarius at 10:12 am pst bringing more light and air into our minds!

The MOON is still in the VOID since 8:52 pm pst last night. It enters Aries at 10:28 am, igniting our inner fire. Our heart is alive !

MOON SEXTILES MERCURY  at 10:30 am pst and we are harmonious with our own mind!

MOON CONJUNCTS URANUS at 1:39 am pst and we are “out of our own boxes!” We are inventive, wild and revolutionary, and we’re a unique creative individual!

May the Magician be with you in this window of magic today!