January 30, 2012 – Fixed Cauldron Square

Occasionally, one of us is “tossed into the cauldron,” in a way that we are not able to attend to our “everyday life.” I have just had one of those “cauldron times,” so i was not able to write for two days!  I apologize to those people who follow this post daily. I have risen out of the “soup,” i’ve been “cooking in,” and can resume my daily blog. Thank you for your patience. (this is yesterday’s–Monday’s) Blog, written today, Tuesday.

MOON has been in Taurus, hanging out with JUPITER, Great Sky Father of upliftment, insight and revelatory perspectives. You may have seen the beautiful pair in the night sky, Father JUPITER making geometric beauty with the waxing crescent MOON, as it ate Jupiter, pre-dawn at 3:28 am pst.  MOON rose above, Father Jupiter, empowered by his wisdom and insight, bringing her “bowl” of magic up into our day, for more alchemical contact.

Next, MERCURY came closest to EARTH at 8:04 am pst (pacific standard time). Mercury coming closest to earth brings our COMMUNICATIONS to a peak of learning and gaining awareness.  MERCURY (not retrograde right now,) has been “talking” with MARS lately, who is RETROGRADE. The MARS RETROGRADE asks us to address all of our “MARS issues.”  These Mars issues are related to authenticity, will, boundaries, aggression, action and conflict resolution.  These themes–including authentic healthy individuation–will remain “up for us to work with,” for the next six months. (three months of retro and three months of winding back over the retrograded points.)

MOON SQUARED MERCURY at 8:14 am PST, Taurus to Aquarius giving us emotional and communications grit and traction for deep change, moving us toward the Age of Aquarius. Taurus may resist this change, may feel comfortable holding onto the ways of the past, and Aquarius will light the sacred torch under the resistance of the Bull, and ask it to MOVE, GROW, EVOLVE and CHANGE!! Are you the torch-lighter or the “resister,” and within you, how do you manage the part that wants to hold onto the past, vs. the part that knows we must CHANGE, even though it is uncomfortable. We must change to meet this time.   Time is carrying us and it asks us to change today, and intensely for the next FOUR YEARS!!

MOON comes closest to EARTH this morning as well, bringing emotional energy to a peak of experience on earth, meanwhile MOON is TRINE PLUTO at 3:25 pm, adding SOUL, depth, PASSION, obsessions, POWER, and life/death feelings into the “soup.”

SUN SQUARE MOON at 8:10 pm pst is a tension point of shifting from the dark side of the lunar cycle to the light side. MOON is within a week of the FULL MOON now and waxing in the light of the most powerful window of creation so far in 2012. This is the FIRST LUNAR CREATION cycle of 2012  and a time to attend to our SOUL and our reason for being here at this important time. The fixed signs hold the transformation and awakening of humanity, as if holding four kingpins which hold the “cauldron of awakening” in place. People who are FIXED may want to consider “what is my roll?” in this awesome time for all humanity.

Today honors COMMUNICATIONS, FEELINGS (as they guide us) and SOUL!


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