January 29, 2012 – Preparation for Flowering

MOON in fiery Spring-loving Aries as we rise, moving all day toward an opposition with SATURN, our planet of structure, form and discipline. The exact opposition is at 9:21 pm, pacific standard time (west coast time), so all day we walk toward this meeting with the force of limitation.

fiery MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE in Aquarius at 10:09 pm pst, softening the limitations of Saturn with the flowing waters of Neptune. Our dreamtime may be infused with vivid Aquarian Age energy.

With today’s Saturn contact and support from Neptune, we are offered an opportunity to “repair the banks” of the river of our life. Is our work, home, excersize discipline and time-structure: everything that it can be to best support our highest expression? ┬áToday is a day to consider the general “structure” of our lives and ask ourselves if we can refine it to work better for our joy and authentic fulfillment in life. We are like human flowers who open in the sunlight of our lives, receiving fulfillment. We are here to fulfill our own dreams! ┬áToday–we have the creation grit and grace to create something beautiful out of nothing, for our future.