January 27, 2012 – Perspective Shift

SATURN SQUARED MERCURY in the middle of the night at 1:19 am pst. Relationship Restructureville (Saturn at the very end of Libra) has a “radical shift” with Mercury–communications & travel at the end of Capricorn.

MERCURY enters Aquarius at 10:12 am pst bringing more light and air into our minds!

The MOON is still in the VOID since 8:52 pm pst last night. It enters Aries at 10:28 am, igniting our inner fire. Our heart is alive !

MOON SEXTILES MERCURY  at 10:30 am pst and we are harmonious with our own mind!

MOON CONJUNCTS URANUS at 1:39 am pst and we are “out of our own boxes!” We are inventive, wild and revolutionary, and we’re a unique creative individual!

May the Magician be with you in this window of magic today!