January 25, 2012 – Watery Flow of Abundance into Sacred Earth

In the middle of the night at 12:33 am pst, MOON CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE, then goes into the VOID between Aquarius and Pisces, entering Spiritual Waters of Pisces at 1:11 am pst. As we rise this morning, MOON is in PISCES SEXTILING JUPITER in Taurus at 4:47 am pst. We can expand our capacity to be vessels of rain, seeds, abundance, or whatever we choose.  This is a powerful visionary and practical manifestation aspect (for now and the future). Its good to “Dream Authentic Heart’s Yearnings into Form!”

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO at 4:30 pm pst and we have contact with our inner POWER. We have inner power and we choose how we use it. Today is a day to commune with our higher self, and receive its directive into greater abundance for our greater good.. We will have the abundance we need to fulfill our “mission on planet earth,” whatever that is.

Blessings in a magical manifestation portal (TODAY!)